About Amy Jane Thomas

Amy Thomas has been getting into people’s closets since the 1990s.  During that time, she has been using her skills as a custom-make furniture designer, having been challenged by a wide variety of spaces, from single loft dwellings to palaces, and even castles.

After having produced over ten-thousand closets, wardrobes and other built-ins designed to help her clients keep their possessions under control, she is taking it one step further, and writing about how and why this is such a hot topic, and how to make our homes our sanctuaries.

If you have ever experienced “Closet Chaos” or spent far too much time and frustration looking for something to wear, finding only half an outfit, and when you find the other half, it’s too wrinkled to put on, she is an author you can count on to help you optimize your closet space.

In her book, Closet Secrets, she points out that our homes have become our sanctuaries, and when we walk in, we want to find what she defines as “Visual Peace”.

Closet Secrets is THE book to read before you start your closet, dressing room, or other storage projects. Even if you have a professional designer working on the designs, the essential advice in this book will arm you with a checklist of criteria to make sure the design is workable, comfortable, optimal for your space, as well as fitting for your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Amy Jane Thomas has over 25 years’ experience of designing and building all types of closets, dressing rooms, and custom-made furniture for all types of homes, ranging from the small studio or pied-a-terre to castles, and everywhere in between.

The author covers topics often overlooked by many, like strategic placement and ease of maintenance. While giving you comprehensive and concise information about these subjects, she offers just enough clear data without getting bogged down in technical jargon.

As the author points out, big does not always equal organized and comfortable, and creating a comfortable optimized space begins at the planning stage.

As opposed to the current trend of throwing or giving a good number of things away, she takes a more realistic track, knowing that her clients will be keeping most of what they have and will even be enjoying shopping and acquiring more. The ideas given in this book are aimed towards a more maximalist attitude without going overboard.

If you already have a custom closet or dressing room built, but isn’t functioning well, you can still benefit from the tips and tricks to turn your space into a well-performing, liveable, and elegant area.

This book is packed with essential information for anyone who is in the market for a custom-made closet or dressing room. Even if you have a professional in charge of the project, it is well worth your time to read, just so that you can supervise your project intelligently and to high standards. If you are just beginning your project, she offers a step-by-step guide to doing the job correctly, right from the start.

A custom-built closet, dressing room, or wardrobe is an investment. It is a place to keep your valuable garments properly, help you save time looking for things, removes stress from your life as you rush to dress in the morning, and can even help you to dress better.

The easy-to-follow tips presented in Closet Secrets will help you to avoid closet chaos, closet clutter, and instruct you on how to tidy up in a way that creates a system for keeping everything in its place.

Whether you are a man looking for the solace of a man-cave, or a woman looking for your sanctuary, boudoir, or personal boutique, Closet Secrets is a must-read!